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14th July 2003

6:21pm: New Attitude
I read some good advice in the NZ Herald Weekend edition about changing a negative thought into a positive one:
In your mind, if something comes to mind that your pissed about, just say "STOP!!" and immediately replace the negative thought with a positive one.

Hey, I can do that!
Current Mood: relieved

10th July 2003

12:40am: Addins
Greetings to added friends

Yes, I have been a wee bit busy and didn't take this live journal thing too seriously. I will be here reading the journals I have added, and will do my best to keep my own updated on whats happening in my dreary life!

Starters >> I am currently working nights so will be online more during the day hours, depending on my shifts.

I absolutely love the northland coasts and miss home terribly (Whangarei)

My SO and I have been together for 2 years this August, we are saving up to go to Aussie in December.

I hope the new added friends are ok with me just adding you without asking, if you mind, I will make amends :)


2nd April 2003

9:36pm: hey there
I've viewed a heap of journals from kiwi's - Wow...we Rock!!

I want to add as many kiwi's as I can, if you have any you would like to recommend I add, please let me know, and a big thank you in advance!!

I still have to learn the little things you can do with these journals, so its best for me to look around and see if I can find a nice layout the looks really funky. I have come across a few, but I don't think mine will come anywhere near looking like those ones.
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